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February's Birth Flower - the Violet

As we come to the end of February, we thought we'd bid farewell to the month by briefly taking a closer look at February's birth flower, the violet.

Each month of the year has its own flower assigned to it - the characteristics of that flower as well as what the flower symbolises are thought to reflect on the personality of the person born in that month. In the case of February, the violet is said to represent faithfulness, wisdom and hope. Despite the popular rhyme, violets are not only blue but come in shades of purple and white as well.

These are all things to bear in mind if you know of a special someone celebrating a birthday in February. Whilst we don't offer any bouquets specifically with violets, we do have a range of blue flower and purple flower bouquets. These would make for great birthday gifts, paying homage to the idea of the violet as February's birth flower in the process.

Birthday flowers make for an inspired gift, no matter the season, and the notion of incorporating the theme of birth flowers into your present idea is a great one. It allows you to take into account the personality of the gift recipient and to reflect this in your choice of flower depending on the month. You will then have a great backstory for the gift which shows that a lot of thought, insight and sincerity has gone into selecting the particular bouquet of flowers. Putting this amount of thought into your gift is becoming increasingly rare in this day and age and is certain to delight the recipient as well as reflecting well on the person giving the gift!

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