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Flower Photography with a basic camera


This week we're loving this article from ePhotoZine, which helps out with taking great flower photos even if you onyl have a fairly basic camera. After all, it's not everyone that can get their hands on an expensive SLR! 

The article points out that even fairly inexpensive cameras how have some nifty features for getting that perfect flower photo. One of the handiest for this kind of shot is the faithful ol' Macro Mode. The icon for the Macro Mode is even a picture of a flower! 

This mode is great for extreme close ups, to capture the rich texture of flower petals.

Another handy tip is to use a tripod - not just for pros! A simple screw-in tripod will help to stabilise your camera, especially handy for outdoor work.

Finally, there are some things which you shold always remember, whether your camera cost £2000 or has Fisher-Price written on the side. For example? The weather! Taking a picture on a windless, lightly overcast day is far more likely to give you that beautiful flower shot than a day when sunlight is glaring or the flowers are tossing about in the wind. 

Happy snapping!

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