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Grow Your Own Wildflowers


National gardening Week (15 - 21 April) isn't too far away. And with this in mind, it's a good chance to look at one of the busiest trends among amateur gardeners in recent times: growing your own wildflowers.

(whether they still count as wildflowers if you've grown them on purpose is a question you'll just have to answer for yourself...)


Ian LeGros, curator at RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex, explained the trend to the Hertfordshire Mercury: "Wildflowers are currently going through a massive boom in popularity and are set to be one of the big trends for amateur gardening in 2013.

"They are easy to plant and maintain, provide much needed habitats for wildlife and are valuable sources of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinators.

"Encouraging wildlife and pollinators is particularly important in urban areas, so if you've a sunny patch of dry ground that won't support much else in your front garden, it's time to convert it into a wildflower meadow."

Wildflowers are naturally tenacious (they need to be!), so you should find that it isn't too difficult to get your own wildflower plot blooming. 

If this inspires you to fill your own garden or wildowsill with splashes of wildflower colour, please feel free to send the CF blog some pictures of the results!

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