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Scottish flowers under threat from intensive farming

Scottish flowers under threat from intensive farming



Conservation group 'Plantlife', speaking at the Royal Highland Show, have warned that Scottish farming methods may prove dangerous to wild flowers, insects and birds. 

Our first concern, of course, is that this may destroy the habitats and lives of many of Scotland's most beautiful species. But this may also have a negative effect on farming itself: "Without wild plants, our productive lands could not be productive," the report said.

Deborah Long, Scottish program manager for Plantlife, said: "Scotland's wild plants and fungi have largely been failed by agri-environment schemes.

"Plantlife is calling for scheme options that enable farmers to provide space for them within and between farms. We want to see these benefits maintained through access to targeted, longer-term support, so future generations can also enjoy Scotland's wild plants and fungi."

The Herald named species under threat as including "corn marigolds, field gentians and wild pansies ... marsh fritillary butterflies, great yellow bumblebees, lapwings and curlews."

Hopefully reports like this will lead to more awareness of sustainable farming methods and ethical ways of getting important food and fuel crops out of the land in a way that doesn't involve damaging the environment for all the wonderful flowers which we share our meadows with!

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