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Guide to Summer Flowers: Peonies


Peonies are perenially popular over the summer season; indeed our sublime Summer Splash bouquet frequently features amidst our Best-Selling bouquets. The rich and intricate history of the peony stretches all the way back to ancient China and Japan, indeed the peony is seens as the classical floral symbol of China. It is even thought that this flower is one of the oldest cultivated flowers! There are even connections to Greek mythology; the word peony originates from Paeon who was a medicine student who met the unfortunate fate of being transformed into a flower by Zeus.

Peonies are traditionally gifted for 12th wedding anniversaries and are thought to represent romance, good luck and happiness. Peonies come in an assortment of different colours with red, white and pink being the most popular. It may surprise you to know that some varities of peony can grow as large as 25cm wide and can exceed the size of even a sunflower.

There are some interesting superstitions surrounding the peony, nicely in keeping with its aura of oriental mystery and exoticness. For example, it's thought that peony bushes in your garden can be taken as indicators of future prediction in the springtime. If the bushes are full of flowers, expect good luck. If, however, the leaves dry up or fade this is taken to be an omen of bad luck ahead!

The symbolism of peonies varies according to different eras and cultures. In China peonies are indicative of nobility whilst in Victorian times they represented bashfulness and even shame. This meaning came about in accordance with a legend concerning nymphs who were shy to reveal themselves to humans and thus hid away in the petals of peonies.

Peonies are also thought to signify female fertility and beauty, owing to the fact that the flower blooms during the spring months. When in full bloom, peonies are also thought to convey serenity.

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