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Popular Flowers for May Birthdays

It's a familiar scenario. Someone special has a birthday approaching fast and you're frozen in the headlights of gift indecision. We've previously explored some of the reasons why flowers make the best birthday gift. In today's blog our aim is to try to generate some ideas and inspiration regarding which types of flowers and which bouquets make for the best gifts for the month of May.

The month of May is synonymous both with springtime and also with a feeling of anticipation for the coming summer. As such, flowers associated with these seasons often make for a great birthday gift - imagine surprising a friend with a bouquet of radiant yellow sunflowers or colourful mixed tulips on their special day.

There is also the tradition of Birth Flowers to take into consideration. This is a concept that states each month of the year has a flower assigned to it which is meant to represent the inherited characteristics of people born in that month. The birth flower for the month of May is the Lily of the Valley, a type of flower which tends to find itself featured more in bridal bouquets than in larger gift bouquets. That said, you could still pay homage to the idea of birth flowers by presenting a loved one with a bouquet of lilies for their May birthday. In accordance with the May birth flower tradition, the Lily of the Valley is symbolic of humilty, chastity and sweetness, all virtues that someone would be delighted to be attributed with. If you are sending lilies to someone with a May birthday why not include a gift card with a little blurb about birth flowers - it will make your gift seem all the more well thought out and sincere.

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