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Scottish Care Centre Gets Mystery Flower Gifts


The Nordalea care centre, in Baltasound on the Shetland Isles, has been benefiting from the actions of a mystery donor.

The BBC recently picked up on this story, after hearing a message on Radio Shetland which said:

“The Nordalea residents would like to thank the person who is very generously sending us flowers. They are much appreciated.”

So sending a reporter to investigate, the Beeb found out that it was true. Some mysterious knight has been dropping flowers off to the care home, completely anonymously. Ruth Grainger, social worker at the centre, explained:

"Every now and then we get a couple of cardboard boxes full of cut flowers delivered," she told me.

"We don't know who puts them there. Sometimes they hitch a lift up with somebody, but they don't know who they've come from."

"They just come here, and they're anonymously given. We don't know who's giving them."

"It's really fine for the folk, because they ken that somebody is thinking of them. And it's just lovely to have some flowers in your room.

"There's that many of them, and we have seven beds here, that we can put cut flowers in a vase in every single room. And there's still a whole lot left over for our sitting rooms."

How lovely is that? Mystery flower giver of Shetland, we at Clare Florist applaud you!

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