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9 Secret Facts about Flowers

Here at Clare Florist we have a wide variety of different flowers in stock, and each flower comes with it it's only rich history and interest facts. We have collected our top favorite flower facts. See if theres any below that you already knew about!

Interesting Flower Facts

  1. Back in the 1600's, Tulip Bulbs were considered as more valuable than Gold. Can you imagine living in a world where your wealth and power came down to your vast Tulip collection? We can't!
  2. The largest flower found in the world is the Titan Arums, which is able to produce flowers up to 10 feet high and 3 feet wide, that's almost the same height as a Giraffe. Imagine trying to plant one of them, you would need your step ladder handy.
  3. When the Vikings invaded Scotland, they were slowed by patches of Thistle (try running through a patch of thistle and you'll understand...) Because of this it gave the Scots time to escape and evade the Vikings, which is the reason the thistle is seen as the national flower of Scotland.
  4. The worlds oldest flower was discovered in northeast China in 2002. The flower was named Archaefructus sinensis, and they have discovered that it originally bloomed 125 million years ago.
  5. The juice from the bluebell flower was used as glue and was also used to treat snake bites.
  6. Broccoli is classed as both a flower and a vegetable.
  7. The foxglove flower takes its name from the old English belief that a fox would slip its feet into the plant to creep up on its prey.
  8. During the day sunflowers move due to the movement of the sun moving from the east to the west
  9. The Angelica flower was used as a cure for centuries in Europe to deal with everything from indigestion, the bubonic plague and even evil spirits

That's our favourite secret flower facts. Do you have any more that you would like to share? If so please let us know!

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