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The Flower on Mars

After a short break to celebrate, enjoy and, uh, recuperate from the New Year, we'd like to welcome you back to the Clare Florist blog. Hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and are finding happiness abundant in the fledgling days of 2013!

Anyone who follows pop music will have heard by now that David Bowie is releasing a new album. But David Bowie also asked us a very important question: Is there life on Mars?

The answer, at least according to this twitter account, is "No, there is no life on Mars....yet." 

So why is this post called the flower on Mars? The answer is an exciting new photo taken by the Curiosity rover, NASA's remotely-controlled robot servant on Mars. The picture shows a strange, shining object, which has become known as the 'Mars flower'. The image below (copyright NASA / JPL-Caltech), shows the 'flower' in close up.

See the shining shape, just below and to the left of the middle? That's the Mars flower!

So while there may (still) be no life on Mars, we have plenty to be cheerful about as we head into 2013. The apocalypse didn't happen after all, we have robots on Mars, we have life, laughter and song -- and as this picture shows, we have people who can see flowers just about anywhere. And here at Clare Florist, we like that.

Have an amazing 2013, everyone!

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