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Top 5 Ways to Say Thank You

If a friend, relative or colleague has gone above and beyond the call of duty to do you a favour or help you out with something, it’s only fair that you should make some gesture to demonstrate your gratitude. The extent how much they’ve helped you out or how big the favour was will dictate how large your gesture of gratitude should be. Take a look at our list of the top 5 ways you can say thanks to a loved one when they’ve given you a helping hand.

1. Send a Greeting Card

Handwritten CardTaking the time to send a handwritten greeting card shows that you sincerely value the help that your loved one has provided you with.

Fill out the inside of the card with a personalised note, allowing you to express your gratitude personally and creatively.

2. Make a Personalised IOU Voucher

IOU VoucherIf you feel like you want to reciprocate a good favour, why not make an IOU voucher for them to hold onto until their time of need.

That way they can redeem it in any way they see fit.

3. Cook Them Dinner

Cook DinnerEveryone loves being cooked for so what better way to thank someone than by inviting them over and preparing them a slap-up meal.

For bonus points, find out what their favourite dish is and then cook it for them fresh from scratch!

4. Treat Them to a Course or Online Lesson

Learn New SkillHas your friend always wanted to try yoga? Or maybe they’d like to learn a new skill with an online course at Udemy or a similar website.

Why not treat them to a gift voucher or purchase a course or lesson for them.

5. Send Thank You Flowers

100 Rainbow RosesA fresh bouquet of flowers to say thank you cannot fail to go down well. Everyone loves flowers, no matter what the occasion is. If someone has helped you out massively or done you an enormous favour, a bountiful bouquet of colourful blooms is certain to impress.

Well that wraps up our list of the top 5 ways to say thank you when a loved one deserves your gratitude. Have you tried out any of these before? How did you get on?

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