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Top(iary) tips for Tuesday

We thought we’d make this a two-parter. Tomorrow, check back in to the CF blog to get some nice ‘n’ easy beginners’ tips on creating your own fabulous topiary displays. But nothing from nothing grows (as we as a florist well know), so we thought that first we’d scatter a few little seeds on inspiration, to give you something to work towards when you start getting your hands grubby to your own topiary projects. It might be a while before you reach these heights, mind…

All of these images are taken from this post at The Chive – check it out for even more weird and wacky topiary.

So now let’s get started looking at some of the totally mental things that you can do when you have a hedge, a set of clippers, and, eh, a whole lot of patience.

One of the most common ways to see topiary skills exhibited is in the mazes and labyrinths which scatter the grounds of many stately homes. Here's a beautiful example. Look at those sharp angles, and imagine the precision which goes into cutting them!


Although, however impressive corners might be, there's something to be said for curves and tangles as well. Check out these trippy arches, all the way from Costa Rica!


Pretty. Neat. Of course, it's not just abstract art which looks amazing in topiary. You get get all representational, too -- put another way, you can make stuff look like other stuff. This, for example, looks like a lion:.


Look at the way the mane has been created using a different texture! Utilising the natural properties of the plants you're working like with is always the best effect; one thing I love about this next image is how you can still see how the plant's natural shape has been incorporated into the image of the three running dogs.


And, finally. Uhhhhh...enough said.

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