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Top Tips for Tuesday: Paper Flowers

Today we're taking a little look at paper. "What, paper?" I hear you cry. "But this is a sight about flowers!"

Well, that's why we're going to talk about....paper flowers!

Origami is of course an ancient and ever-popular art, but we're going to have a particular look at modern crafts techniques for putting together some really great folded flowers.

We can't show you any pictures (there's a little problem with the site, we'll get that fixed in the not-too-distant!), but here are some links to other great sites to take you all around the world of papery flowers!

First, check out this beautiful item on Martha Stewart's site -- an exquisite pink paper dahlia.

But if that's a bit too complex, check out this rather simpler "mother's day" bouquet from tips site tipnut.

Happy folding! 

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