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Weird and Wonderful Wednesday: The Flower House!

The Flower House, North Yorkshire

In an out-of-the-way parish tucked away amidst the hills of North Yorkshire, there’s a very special house. It isn’t by a main road, doesn’t sell itself to tourists, and makes no money from what it does; but the Flower House of Coniston Cold is a quiet country marvel all by itself.

It’s tended by Anne and Robin Strange, who spend hundreds year-in, year-out on plants and seeds, to create a stunning floral display which covers their entire house by the middle of June. They’ve been making their flowery home look like a mad gardener’s dreamworld every year for 26 years.

Mrs Strange Waters the Plants

Anne explained the simple genesis of the idea: “We were in New York one day looking at all the beautiful hanging baskets and we were inspired to create our own. We have been planting more and more flowers ever since.”

And passers-by and motorists love the spectacle too: one woman even sends a gift voucher to the house every Christmas to show her respects. “People think it’s great,” says Mrs Strange. “We get cards from people we have never even met.”

“I dread to think how much money goes on the garden, but it definitely all adds up. It is worth it though, we are both very pleased with what we have created.”

And looking at the glorious Flower House in these images from North News and Pictures, you’d have to say that they’re right to feel proud.

The Flower House in Bloom

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