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Weird and Wonderful Wednesdays: Buddha's Hand

Today we take a look at one of the most amazing looking -- and best named -- plants we could find: the Buddha's Hand.

This plant is found mostly in northeastern India nd China, helping to explain the Buddhist element of its name. And when you take a look at the plant itself, it's not hard to tell where the "hand" part of its nomenclature comes from either: it really does look like a hand of wrinkly yellow fingers. 

Better still, those fingers taste great, too! Known as "finger citrons", they can be grated for their tasty zest, which is then used in baking, or for creating drinks or salad dressings. 

The link to Buddhism continues: the Buddha's Hand may be given as a religious offering in Buddhist temples. Should you ever find yourself giving one of these fruits to such a temple (well, you never know!), try to find one which has its fingers in a cosed, rather than open, position -- the hands are closed in Buddhist prayer and so a "Buddha's Hand" with closed fingers is considered a finer offering.

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