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Future Flower Trends

We thought we would give you a treat today and let you see into the future,
no, not the lottery numbers!!

The Flower Council Of Holland have made the predictions of the flowers
and trends for 2007.

Its all to do with interpretation of international developments and the impacts
they have made on every day life. So look for more nuetral colours on one
end of the scale but watch out Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on the other end
as The Da Vinci Code has apparantly made us get in touch with our spiritual
understanding and we will be going "Goth" so expect stark contrasts with
purple's, dark reds and pinks.

The summer hot picks for varieties will be Vanda orchid, Strelitzia, Gloriosa,
Gerbera  and Curcuma which is called the "Thai Tulip" in local circles.

Don't say we didn't tell you !!!!!!

Keep coming back to Clare to see the themes put into practice
over the year.

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