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Thanksgiving 27th November 2008

On Thanksgiving most Americans will sit down to a feast of turkey and trimmings, weighing in at a whopping 675million pounds !! Compared to 10 million turkeys consumed in the UK at Christmas time.
Why do we all go for turkey ? They are fresh, affordable and big enough to feed a crowd - now with most of us having smaller families we end up eating the left overs for days!
Henry VII was the first person to eat turkey on Christmas Day way back in Tudor times.
There is so much choice available now it's quite difficult to decide what kind of bird or piece of meat you want to eat.
Its such a huge eating festival the whole month that its little wonder we all go on diet in January.
We are all trying hard to loose those few pounds that we know we will all put on over Christmas at least being surrounded by flowers all day doesn't tempt you to eat!
We like to plan ahead at Clare Florist so although everyday we are hearing the count down to Christmas - 30 days!!!
We are spending most of our spare time designing new spring bouquets which we will have on sale from the 3rd of January when we come to back work after the holidays.
After all the rich red colours we are making over the next few weeks we love it when we go back to nice bright, crisp fresh tulips.



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