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Christmas Around the World: How Different Countries Celebrate Christmas

How Different Countries Celebrate Christmas

Although December 25 marks the date when Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world, did you know that in some places celebrations stretch weeks before? Did you also know that the occasion is observed in some nations that don’t have a large Christian population? Here’s a look at the celebrations of Christmas in different countries:


Most of the festivities happen on Le Réveillon or Christmas Eve. It’s a time for families to come together to wine and dine. It is a custom in France to sit and eat for hours at the table, and that is also true on this day. This is also a fun time for children as they place their shoes in front of the fireplace of underneath the Christmas tree hoping to get a present from Père Noël or Father Christmas. While some open gifts when the sun rises on Christmas Day, others start unwrapping theirs when the clock strikes 12.


While there is the usual feast on the 24th and 25th, the biggest event happens during the Epiphany in early January. This day marks the end of the holiday season where families prepare a lavish dinner and gifts are given. Depending on whether they were bad or good, children get either coal or candy.


Majority of the celebrations happen on Christmas Eve. Usually, families attend a late-night mass before returning to their homes and having a large dinner. Some also like to welcome Christmas by lighting up fireworks a few minutes before 12am.

Since the celebrations last until the early morning, Christmas Day is usually a muted affair with some families continuing the celebration by heading to the mall or getting some shut-eye. The Metro Manila Film Festival, which features only Filipino films, is also slowly becoming part of the Filipino Christmas tradition. As for those who are spending Christmas abroad, a big Hollywood release is usually remains in cinemas.


Advent is a big part of the German Christmas tradition. Usually, a wreath is laid on the tale with four candles in the middle of it. One is lighted each Sunday leading up to Christmas day.

Although Christmas trees are a staple of many German homes, children are not allowed to participate in its decoration for fear a spell might be cast on them.

Christmas Eve is marked by the singing of carols and reading of Christmas stories. A big dinner is also served because according to myth, demons will haunt those who don’t eat a lot on this occasion.

In Germany, there is a also tradition of taking a dip in an ice-cold lake. While this may look like one of the country’s alternative Christmas traditions, it actually dates back to the 1980s.


Majority of the population in Argentina is Catholic and as such, Christmas is major holiday in the country. The celebration usually starts with a late afternoon mass on Christmas Eve. After that, a Christmas meal is enjoyed late in the evening – around 10 or 11pm. Fireworks are also lit to greet Christmas then presents are opened. Globos or paper decorations fixed with a light inside are sent to the sky – similar to Chinese lanterns – is also a tradition on Christmas Eve.

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