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Hotel of Flowers


Check out the Los Angeles hotel which has installed its own flower cart! 

Many customer-facing industries are increasingly concerned with letting the customer modify the service to their whims -- think for example of the coffee shops of today, where, far from ordering "a coffee, please," as you may once have done, the decision is yours to customise your brew in any of a dozen different ways.

And now the Hyatt Century City Hotel is taking a similar approach to the flowers which it puts in guests' rooms. Instead of just plonking a wilting aspidistra on every bedside table, the Hyatt has installed a 'flower cart' next to its front counter, from which guests can, at no charge, fill up a vase with pretty flowers to take up to their room.

The other thing which this demonstrates is this: when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers, everyone is different! (Without wishing to blow our own trumpet too much, this is why we at Clare Florist have such a wide selection, arranged into convenient category menus to help you choose :))

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