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Hungry Baby Eats Duchess of Cambridge's Flowers

Image: Belfast Telegraph

Just because flowers look sweet enough to eat, doesn't mean you should always, er ...oh dear.

One little tot got itself in a right royal pickle this week, as it tried to chow down on Kate Middleton's bouquet of flowers during a state visit to Glasgow.

When the Duchess moved the flowers away, saying  "It's probably not so tasty", the sprog was undeterred, reaching for the flowers a second time as onlookers giggled.

Still, it's good to know that the infants of Glasgow are fully aware of the facts of life -- that making sure you get a good square meal is more important than being polite to the aristocracy! But maybe trying to snatch a bunch of flowers right out of someone's hands isn't the best way of getting a midday snack (even if it's a pretty good way of getting into the papers...!) 

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