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The Clare Florist Florapedia Part Two: Alstroemeria

Today we’ll be continuing our in-depth look at various types of blooms with the focus of this article being the alluring alstroemeria flower.


Originally hailing from South America, Alstroemeria flowers are named after a Swedish botanist known as Baron Klas von Alstroemer who found the seeds of this flower on his travels through South America in the 18th century.


The main usage for alstroemeria flowers are being deployed in stunningly beautiful fresh flower bouquets!


Alstroemeria BouquetThe alstroemeria is said to represent good fortune, success and prosperity. It’s also often used to signify friendship.

Care Instructions

  • Remove gel pack and rinse stems
  • Cut one inch off stems to open pores for water and nutrients
  • Remember to cut at an angle – this helps with water absorption
  • Place in a vase of room temperature water
  • Add a couple of inches of warm water and mix in the included flower food
  • Re-cut stems every few days or whenever water gets cloudy
  • Remove any leaves that begin to wilt and yellow
  • Remove any individual flowers that start to fade
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, heat sources and drafts


  • There are approximately 50 species of alstroemeria.
  • Astroemeria flowers do not possess any fragrance.
  • They tend to bloom in late spring and early summer.
  • Numerous hybrids and around 190 cultivars of alstroemeria have been propagated.

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