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The Datura Metel aka the Devils Trumpet..

This week we were going to look at one of the more alluring flowers out there, the Datra Metel. Whilst that name may not mean anything, it also goes by the other name of the Devils Trumpet due to its unique shape and the fact that it is highly poisonous!

The Datura Metel is a stunning addition to a garden display, as it has some of the largest blooms which have a spicy aroma that fills the air at night. And the plant is capable of growing up to 3 feet high. This plant has an interesting design with colours ranging from white, yellow, red and violet.

One of the 50 fundamental herbs use in traditional Chinese medicine, the Datura Metel is also an incredibly dangerous flower if digested, and caution should be used if there are any children or animals around!

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