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Top Tips for Tuesday: Flower Costumes for Kids

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means!

Today we've decided to tkae a look at what it's like to be a flower ... from the inside! Or, to put it in a slightly less creepy way, how to make a fun flower costume. 

We know (we know!) it's only (only!) September, but if you want to make your kids their own costumes -- or encourage them to make 'em themselves -- for Hallowe'en, then it's a good idea to start thinking of costume ideas now. And while a flower may be far from the spookiest thing you can think of, there's plenty of ways to spook it up -- add cobwebs, a spider and some hanging bats, and you've got a creepy flower straight from a haunted house. Or, alternatively, why not alter the costume ideas here to make your very own Audrey II from the uberscary Little Shop of Horrors?

So we've had a poke around the floral-patterned corners of the internet, and found a few cool costume ideas that your kids will have great fun watching (er, we mean HELPING) you make!

 1 -- the flowerpot

The inventiveness in this costume is fantastic. Plus there's loads of fun arts and crafts skills used in putting the costume together (check out those big poster board petals!), so it'll be great fun to make with the kids. 

2 -- making a flower hat

We couldn't leave you without a YouTube video! So here is an in-depth video tutorial we found on how to put together a "crown" or flower hat, to make it look like you have petals. Great for fairy costumes, or for part of a flower costume like the one above. Possibly not so practical for everyday wear. 

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