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Why does the Corpse Flower stink?

Why does the Corpse Flower stink?

We've all heard of the corpse flower (and, well, if you haven't, then the CF Blog is here to help! Just click through to this little link here to read our blog on a corpse flower (Dragon Arum) at Franklin Zoo in America). The corpse flower blooms only very occasionally -- sometimes going years and years without blossoming. And when it does bloom, it stinks! The stench has been compared to "rotten onions", and is vital for the flower, as it uses flies and scavenging bees as its pollinators. No wonder the CF Twitter once dubbed in the "Worst Plant in the World"!

But how DOES the corpse flower emit that incredible stink? We've found a great video released by the Byesize Science channel which takes you into the reasons behnd the stench -- including the exact chemical cocktail which the Dragon Arum uses to really kick up a stink!

Watch the video on YouTube here

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